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Smile Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

These rules and guidelines are designed to help give a better understanding of what behavior is expected and make your experience more enjoyable and safe.

Please read the rules below carefully. By posting in this forum you agree to abide by these rules. We would also ask you, the users, help to maintain a high-quality, family friendly message board. Some items are subjective and at the discretion of the Staff.

Forum Rules:

1. No language other than English or Tamil (communication) in the forum.

2.Multiple accounts will never be tolerated If we find any, will be banned without any intimation.

3. No fighting with other Members,No Harsh or Rude words on other Members.

4. Abusing system, cheating the tracker you upload or download will result in ban.

5. Respect other members. Respect their opinion, their race, and religion. Racism in any form is not allowed.Personal information about other people should not be disseminated in forum.

6. Don't share your torrents/accounts with anyone. We will not tolerate any excuses.

7. Don't upload our torrent files to other sites. No direct links, warez or crack in the forums.

8. Admin & Moderators have full rights to ban a user or modifying threads contents & deleting a thread or posts.

9. No Spamming over here. Don’t use other Site Name and other site Tags in TMR

10. Obscenity, Vulgarity, profanity, and threats have no place here.

11. Share with proper credits, once we get a report against you your account will be banned along with IP.

11. No Porn/ *** related posts should be posted. No Rar & other Zipped contents only allowed for Admin's & Master Releaser Not Allowed For members & others.

12. Posting must be done in the right section according to the rules mentioned.

13. All staff shall be respected at all times, arguing/disrespectful towards staff is not tolerated. staff have the final decision, If they say stop please do so, staff do have feelings as well and put a lot of time and effort into the site.


1. Maintain your overall ratio at or above 0.7 . Ratio will be implemented at any time.

2. Hit & Run is never accepted. Everyone is expected to share what they have downloaded and keep torrent alive.

Releases :

1. Posting must be done in the right section. If have any doubt you can ask moderator.

2. Make Thread Title clear, informative and simple.

3. Use Image hosting sites to upload Images.

4. No other site watermark In Video Releases And Tags Regarding Audio Releases . If Found It May Lead To Ip Ban .

5.Direct English Language and Hollywood Movies Not Allowed Here.

6. ZIP,RAR ,Crack ,Key, Serial Numbers Not allowed.

Thread Title Should be in the form:

[Movie Name] - [Year] - [TC\CAM\VCD\DVD5\DVD9\DVDRip\BDRip] - [DVD Name] - [X264\XVID] - [Size] - [Subs] - [Team TMR]

Signature & Avatar Request :

1. Don't use over sized or extremely large text and fonts.

2. Posting a link to personal blogs or other websites is not allowed in your signature.

3. Animated av's and sig's are allowed, but must fall within the size limit as listed below. Failure to compy will result in the avatar/signature being removed.
Avatar - 150 by 150
Signature - 500 by 100

4. The Maximum size for signature is 500 by 100 pixels.

Shout Box :

1. Posting links to the pictures, videos, other websites links where the content is pornographic or disturbing in any way is not allowed.

2. Excessive swearing, arguing will be kicked out of shout Box.

3. Do not leave your CAPS lock, excess coloring, large fonts on all the time. It gets annoying, and you will likely get yourself kicked.

4. Spamming is strictly forbidden. Do not post the thread links in the chat box unnecessarily.

5. No language other than English and Tamil is permitted in the chat box.

Please Note :

We appreciate the time You took to read the board rules. Enjoy your stay here and please abide to these rules.

All postings are monitored and Forum Admin reserves the right to edit or remove posts at any time, without citing a reason. Failure to abide by the guidelines set out above may result in you being permanently excluded from this Forum.

Forum Admin reserve the right to lock (or delete) any threads it deems necessary and does not have to cite a reason for this closure.

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

Sure bro..!! I will follow the rules and enjoy my stay in tmr

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

Thanks We Will Follow The Rules

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

Thanks ....................

செல்வரின் வரவேற்பு நிறமிருந்தும் மணமில்லா காகிதப்பூ

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

Thanks a lot...

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

thanks dude

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

Thanksssssssssss will do

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 3rd-October-2014

thanks for the forum rules

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 4th-October-2014

I will follow the rules n stay on in TMR

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Default Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING) - 4th-October-2014


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forum, guidelines, posting, read, rules

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